Digital Security Equipment
Large Cargo/ Vehicle Inspection System

Fixed Container/Vehicle Inspection System

Perfect security solution for high throughput seaports and borders
Extremely excellent system performance with comfortable working environment
Advanced interlaced Dual Energy(IDE) technology for material discrimination.

Relocate Able Container/Vehicle Inspection System

Most efficient and cost-effective security solution for container/vehicle inspection
Unique architecture design for convenient relocation and reliable self-shielding
Advance IDE Binocular Stereoscopic technologies.

Mobile Container/Vehicle Inspection System

Unique mobile security solution with excellent flexibility and adaptability
High performance autonomous intelligent system with computer modular design
Advanced IDE and fast-scan technology

Fast-Scan Container/Vehicle Inspection System

Secured vehicle drive-through scanning mode and non-distortion image at high speed
Unique self-shielding and compact modular design improves system relocatability
Advanced IDE technology and seamless integration with LPR, RFID and etc.

Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Secured train drive-through scanning mode and non-distortion image at higher speed
Automatic image separating function for inspecting wagons
Advanced IDE technology for material discrimination