Digital Security Equipment

Air Cargo Inspection System

Unique high performance aviation security solution for air cargo inspection
Matches airport operation flow well and provides auto-alarm without unpacking
Advanced Neutron, IDE and Binocular Stereoscopic technologies

Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Excellent compact security solution for cargo/vehicle inspection
High inspection efficiency and reliable detection results
Advanced Dual View, IDE and Binocular Stereoscopic technologies

Passenger car inspection System

Easy analyzed to view scanning image with excellent quality
Innovative convince system drives the car move through the scanning tunnel smoothly with a constant speed
Customize hardware and software according to the customer's requirement
X-ray Inspection System

X-ray Inspection System

Unsurpassed high image quality by optimized x-ray generator and advanced detectors
Advanced dual view and dual energy technologies
Efficient operating with ergonomically designed user interface
X-ray generator covering multiple energy (100kV/160kV/200kV/320kV)

Mobile X-ray Inspection System

Vehicle-based x-ray inspection system with high mobility
Configuring independent power generator
Large space for operators with build-in air conditioner