Digital Security Equipment

Body Inspection System

Whole Body inspection by low-dose X-ray imaging technology
Strong detection and high throughput
Compact and easy to maintenance

Body Inspection System

Body scanner based on ultra-low dose backscatter imaging technology
Strong detection(metal/non-metal) with privacy protection
Automatic threat detection (ATD) and Radioactivity monitoring unit

Body Inspection System

Body Scanner using safe active millimeter wave imaging technology
Multi-modes of automatic threat detection and privacy protection
Compact and high throughput
Radioactivity Monitor System

Radioactivity Monitor

Unmatchable radioactivity detection by large sensitive plastic detector and
Inorganic gamma detector supporting radionuclide identification
Optional neutron detection capacity
Constant background updating and automatic gain stabilization
E-beam Irradiation System

E-beam Irradiation System

Irradiate mail, toot medical apparatus, and sterilize pathogens fast and completely
Customized E-beam security solution for wide Industrial irradiation application
High efficiency without damage or radiation remnant