Dual-Side Backscattered Inspection System

System allows to retrieve X-ray image of the surface of the human body on both sides of a full-length in order to detect objects hidden under clothing, including weapons and armor, explosives and drugs, electronics, etc.

Backscatter technology that is used for retrieving images provides 100% safety for health of inspected person, staff and other people that can be near the system duaring its work.

The system can be integrated to the security network via TCP/IP, which allows to work in multi operator mode.

System’s database allow to store up to 100 000 images together with service information.

The system provides
  • Obtaining negative and positive images;
  • Smoothly change the degree of gamma correction, brightness and contrast;
  • Magnification of the selected image fragment;
  • Image archive and ability of showing previously saved images according to the data and  time;
  • Network integration allow to send and receive data to/from other security
General specifications
Number of images per scan 2
Emission per scan, microSv (microRem) less than 0,1 (10)
Scanning area, mm height - not less than 2000 width - not less than 780
Scanning time, seconds less than 5
Physical Dimensions (Height x Lenght x Width), mm 2600 x 1600 x 1140
Unit weight, kg less than 500
Warm up time, minutes less than 10
Power 85 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption, kW less than 1,5
Anode voltage, kV 100
Tube current (typical), mA 1