The 2-channel alarm radiometer

The 2-channel alarm radiometer NPS-32 can continually measure X-ray and g-ray radiation. It has a light and sound alarm, which alerts operator, if the radiation dose exceeds the automatically preset threshold. Once the device is on, it takes about one minute to calculate the threshold, which is equal to the average radiation dosage, plus five standard deviations.

It consists of the indicator unit and one or two external detector units.

This radiometer can be positioned around doors or gates in order to detect any trace of radioactive material.

NPS-32 can be supplied with a fast scintillation detector for inside use or by a detector with H-M counters and is perfect for adverse weather conditions (high humidity and extreme temperatures).

PSD-16 is an 16-channel alarm radiometer with the same features as NPS-32. By connecting it to a PC, it can serve as a valuable addition to any integrated safety system.

Searching radiometer SR-5M is intended for measuring g-ray radiation dosage. It can be used to find and the radiation source and determine the radiation leakage.

The detector (scintillation crystal in combination with PM) provides very short exposure time and, consequently, very fast and effective detection of radioactive sources.

SR-5M provides numeric values of radiation dosage, linear and logarithmic scales and produces audio alarm using different frequencies.

SR-5M is powered by a rechargeable battery. The device can calculate and display not only the radiation dose in a given area but also the dose received by an operator.