Cargo And Vehicles X-Ray Inspection System

PORTAL-BETA is a unique multi-view multi-energy rail- mounted gantry designed for the inspection of sealed sea freight such as 20/40/45ft containers, consignments inside trucks and other vehicles. It can detect smuggled goods, including plastic weapons and explosives, drugs, radioactive materials.

The main system components are the X-ray generator, which produces high energy X-ray beam, and the highly sensitive L-shaped detector. PORTAL-BETA is designed in such a way that it is practically impossible to hide illegal items inside the inspected objects owing to the multiple imaging obtained from various perspectives. These perspectives are chosen in such a way that the hidden item will be surely seen from one of the multi-views regardless of its location inside the inspected object. The PORTAL- BETA combines powerful penetration and low radiation dosage.

The system is normally located in a temperature controlled permanent or solid build infrastructure and can operate 24/7. The system automatically inspects vehicles without driver placed between the rails (the gantry moves over them).

Images are transmitted to the remote control room for further examination. PORTAL-BETA is ideally suited for applications at customs facilities, sea and airports, border crossings. The system configuration allows fast and thorough inspection of 20/40/45ft sea containers and other freight up to 25 - 40 vehicles/ trucks per hour.

The system layout
  • Temperature controlled infrastructure
  • Single or multy X-ray generator (betatron)
  • L-shaped detector unit(s)
  • Control unit
  • Transportation unit
General specifications
Inspected object dimensions (W x H), m 2,51 х 2,9**
Through-put, vehicles/objects per hour up to 10 and up to 250 for Portal- Auto 250
X-ray generator, kV/mA uniquely designed X-ray generator 300/5**
Detector U-shaped one dimensional
Image details black and white (65 000 levels of grey) or pseudo color
Inspection sensitivity 2% up to 35 mm of steel**
Visual means 2 computers with several high resolution LCD displays, special image and data storage system with capacity to store 20 000 images
Digital image processing Image storage, magnification up to 16 times, sharp and contrast enhancement, filtering, segmentation, X-ray image comparison
Power built-in generator or 85 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption, kW 5 (maximal with additional cooling system)
Operating temperature/Humidity – 10°C to + 45°C/up to 90%

** Can be optimized according to the customer’s needs